5 Luxurious Options That Complement Your Flooring Choice

Your home is your haven and every homeowner wishes to create his home in such a way that it brings comfort and peace. This is why these days, homeowners popularly opt for remodeling their home so that they can bring a fresh wave of change and style that is in line with the current trends. However, the floor is one such area that is not paid much attention to. Floor is something that you would be walking on an entire day, sitting and keeping things on. It is something that will instantly catch the eye of the guests and visitors. A shabby or dull looking floor will not be able to bring the best out of your home decor and remodeling. So, you must pay close attention to the floor and think of the best flooring options that the money can buy. Hardwood floors are certainly something that has attracted people over centuries and always stays in fashion. It can enhance the appearance of a home and also easily compliments the decor. It’s finished or raw, rustic appeal gives the home a wonderful feel that you would bask in every day. To help you choose the best, we have listed below some luxurious wood options for flooring purposes. Wide Planks A flooring option that is very popular these days is wide planks. Their stunning beauty and fewer seams are what give them popularity. In this particular option, you are free to choose the type of wood you prefer the most. However, make sure that you select a distressed wood if you wish to give a rustic look to your home. There’s nothing to worry as the rustic appeal will blend perfectly with contemporary interior design. Reclaimed Pine Coming from historic buildings, reclaimed pine also makes great option wooden flooring. As a homeowner, you must consider this option because it has eco-friendly benefits and brings a historic touch and luxurious look to your home. The rich finish and look will speak of opulence and give an awe-inspiring feel to everyone who will take a look at your home. Maple Plank Maple is a popular wood and has the ability to bring warmth against the black-and-white decor. It can be ideally used in bathrooms without shower and powder rooms, giving depth and style against simple wall tiles. Once complete, it would be a peaceful and rich place to be in. Red Oak A highly popular flooring choice available to homeowners is red oak. This is because red oak has the ability to coordinate with any design style, whether you are opting for something traditional or contemporary. The reddish tones bring beauty and its resistance to wear makes it a great option for high-traffic areas, such as a living room. Ebonized Hardwood Ebonized Hardwood is a simple way of adding style and a touch of class as well as sophistication along with luxury to any space. Its dark, opaque look complements many design styles; however, it really stands out in a neutral, contemporary space.