What is Artificial Turf ?

In general, artificial turf is a material that is made of synthetic fibres. They are created to look like real and natural grass. The artificial grass blades are not only green but they also come in various heights. Actually, artificial turfs are created in the same manner that a carpet is made. Blades are stitched by a machine on a solid backing. With the modern technology, artificial grass is being created to appear as realistic as possible.

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Artificial grass is used commonly for sports. In different areas and grounds, it is more preferable to install artificial grass instead of having real grass. Its usage has spread to different sports such as baseball, soccer, cricket etc. However, it does not mean that artificial grass is limited to only sport applications. Artificial grass is also used in lawns. For instance, if you do not have enough time to maintain your lawn but still want it to be green, your best option is to use artificial turfs. One of the most important reasons why a growing number of people are using artificial turfs is they save time and money. Other than that, artificial turfs also make a great landscaping option.