Should you Purchase Artificial Turfs?

Artificial turfs have grown immensely in popularity. But the real question is should you buy them or not? You should apply artificial turfs if you:
  • Don’t have enough time to take care of your lawn but still want it to look green and fresh.
  • Don’t want your clothes to be stained when you sit in your lawn.
  • Don’t want water to accumulate in your lawn.
  • Want to save your money by avoiding gardening and cutting.
  • Don’t want the grass to die.
It is true that artificial turfs have various benefits. For instance, for every square feet of natural grass, you need to provide 55 gallons of water on annual basis. Meanwhile, artificial grass does not need any water. It helps you in reducing your water bills. Furthermore, natural grass can die. In contrast, artificial turfs are capable of lasting 20 or more years. It means you can enjoy a green lawn for at least twenty years. Artificial grass is never going to grow and it will never be brown. Since it does not grow, you do not need a landscaper. However, if you a nature-lover and want to feel the grass, then you should consider growing natural grass.