Enhance The Beauty Of Your Space With Monet Collection

One of the most popular materials in flooring options is definitely wood. They are usually the first option of many homeowners, above tiles, and ceramic flooring. This is because the wood has the other world charm, looks gracious and makes a home more stylish as well as presentable. However, selecting the right kind of wood for the floor can be a daunting task for many because there are plenty of options. So, to help you out, we have listed below some pointers that you can follow to get that spectacular looking wooden flooring. Consider Solid or Engineered Flooring Earlier, one used to get hardwood in thick planks of solid timber, however, today, one can still get their hands on solid hardwood but many companies offer engineered flooring. These are planks made of thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers designed to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion and contraction cycles. Engineered flooring creates opposing forces within the wood to restrict its natural movement, keeping your flooring in great condition for a longer duration of time. Pay Attention To The Brand To be sure that the hardwood floor you are opting for is of the highest quality, get it from an established brand for a safer bet. Many brands also come out with various collections to give something unique and spectacular to their clients such as Monet Collection by European Wood Company. The collection is inspired by the paintings of renowned French painter Monet that can truly turn your home into a masterpiece. The series consists of light natural colour, presenting an earthy perception for your home. With immaculate planning, the collection is created to offer a high level of quality and service to the clients. Wood Type Plays a Vital Role It won’t come as a surprise that woods are of many types. However, there are only certain woods that work great as flooring such as oak or walnut. Oak is a great option as it does not stain very easily and has an appealing natural grain look. Walnut is slightly softer than oak and has a deep color that makes it ideal for rooms where a darker finish is desired. However, sticking to light and earthy tones is always a better option as it gives you room to experiment with the interiors every now and then, without changing the flooring. Maintenance Of Wood Floors When you think about installing wooden flooring to your home or office, you must never overlook its maintenance. You have to careful with such flooring because a single step can ruin the wood without even you realizing it, until it is too late. The wood floor must be cleaned with dry mop first and then followed by damp mopping. To know what is best for your wooden floor, talk to a professional and follow their advice. They will be able to guide you right and accordingly, you can choose a wooden flooring for your space.